Member Breeders List

The following is a list of Breeders who have requested BreedersList they be included under this website heading.  This listing is for reference only, and does not imply endorsement by the Rose City Labrador Retriever Club.  Each breeder operates independently from the RCLRC.

Aiyer Brothers, Ramdas Vaidyanathan & Mahalakshmi Hariharan,  Cell: 425-283-3229  email  website

Blackthorn, Barbara & Bob Gilchrist,  360-273-5462  email  website

Breton Gate, Betty Barkley,  Cell: 503-816-4794  email  website

Chibry, Jill Mahoney,  253-630-4810  email  website

Clovercreek Labradors, Chris & Kimberly Dotson,  Home: 360-496-5228  email  website

Cold Creek Farms, Gretchen Hyde,    email  website

Devonshire, Allison Rogers,  971-344-3909  email  website

Eola Hills, Jeff & Mary Kennedy,  Cell: 503-871-0052  email  website

Everland Labradors, Stacey Parsons,  253-405-5406  email  website

Ghoststone, Judy & Scott Chambers,  503-678-6933  email  website

Jon Valer, Dr. Valerie Jones,  Cell: 208-431-8255  email  website

Lincoln Creek Valley, Cathy & Jeff Hakola,  360-736-7449  email  website

Midnight Sky/ Western Sky, Susie Morrill,  541-686-1240  email  website

Mykiss Labradors, Tamaria Hartman,    email  website

NorthWest Goldens, Judy Slayton-Bachofner,  360-837-3909  email  website

Quail Run, Cynthia & Jim Freeman,  Cell: 760-285-3906  email  website

Riverlane Labradors, Susan & Greg Huntzinger,  503-655-9405  email  website

Savidge Labrador Retrievers, Wendy & Jacob Nasseth,  503-502-4508  email  website

SciFi Labs, Elizabeth Moir,  360-827-1874  email  website

Secret Garden, Tracy & Rebecca Bloom,  Cell: 503-388-1775  email  website

Skye Labradors, Joanne & Morgan & Logan Hanscom,  907-522-5104  email  website

Summerset Labradors, William Nickerson,  503-867-6250  email  website

Thistledown Labradors, Irlanne Warren,  Cell: 360-791-4232  email  website

Thornwood, Cheri & Kevin Conway,  541-723-2467  email  website

Vogelbach, Udo Starck,  360-837-1354  email  website

Westlane Labradors, Jessica Smith & Brittany Madewell,  Home: 541-926-2323  email  website

Wind River, Lee Salmon,  360-606-8892  email  website

Wyntercreek, Mary Jane Sarbaugh,    email  website